Task Templates

Do you have similar tasks that you need to complete every day? With task templates, you can save tasks and use them any time you need them! 

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Getting started

First, you need to create some task templates:

  • Open a task and click on the three-dot menu. Select Create a task template, and a dropdown menu will popup.
  • Then you can select a name and a description. Keep in mind that this name is for the template only.
  • Tick the desired task attributes that you want to include in the template.
  • Click Save, and you're done!

Now you can use the task template:

  • Start creating a task and use "#" as a prefix
  • Select the desired template you want to use
  • Give the task a name and click enter

Editing a template:

  • Go to your Project Settings
  • Click on "Task Templates" in the left menu
  • From here, you can view all the templates, edit and delete them.

Have in mind that you cannot add attributes to the templates - you can only remove them

Additional Information - what fields you can save into your templates?

  • Task Templates have names and descriptions. It's important to know that these are different from the Task's name and description
  • Global - choose if the template will be global for all organization projects or for the specific project only
  • Description
  • Assignee
  • Checklist
  • Attachments
  • Deadline
  • Schedule 
  • Labels
  • Milestone
  • Story Points
  • Business Value
  • Task Relationships
  • Repeat settings
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