Time tracking

Ora gives you an amazing overview of who is being currently active both in tasks and inside the project activity.

Additionally, you can see reports of the tracked time.

Activating time tracking for your project

If you don't see any time tracking interface in your project most probably time tracking is not enabled.

Enable time tracking in Project Settings > Add ON's

Tracking Time

You can track time from a list, Kanban 

or from inside a task.

You track time either by clicking the play and then pause buttons or by manually adding it.

It is also good practice to add an estimation.

Once you do Ora will show w progress. Yellow means time is within the estimated. Red means time is over the estimated.

Once you track time and have an existing estimation you will get a visual representation tracked time against estimation next to the task title. Red means it's overdue.

Hovering over the list will show you how many items there are on the list as well as the sum of all estimates.

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