Customizing your project

Ora is very flexible and allows you to have all kinds of different projects by enabling and disabling features, views adding colors and backgrounds.

To customize your project first you need to open project settings. Look for the gear icon either in projects or inside the project itself.
From top toolbar From projects screen

Activating features

In the Features tab, you can activate all sort of features, views, and integrations. 

Changing Project Permissions and Visibility

Navigate to the Advanced tab to change your project visibility (Private by default) to Public or Secret.

You can also set the permissions and some other settings.

List Colors and Project Background

To set background open the project settings popover and choose "Change background"

Then you are going to be able to choose a background or upload an image

Note that Image backgrounds are a premium feature

To change list colors and states open list options from the 3 dots "..." and choose Edit list

This will allow you to change list name, color, and state.