Using the Filters

Filter tasks/cards by id, name, milestone, label, assignee, status and task type. Look for the input in the sidebar. (In kanban and smaller width windows sidebar is hidden. Show it by clicking the sidebar button.)

Pro Tip: Use 'Q' to quickly filter tasks assigned to you. 

We used GitHub flavored syntax for our filters. You type the type of filter, then ":" followed by the value. For example: "assignee:username". Other properties you can filter by are label: milestone: type: and status:

You can combine filters as well.

Pro Tip: Click on the avatars in "Team members to quickly filter by assignee". 

To make things easier for you we made it so you can use special characters and autocomplete to add filters. For example "@" will show you, assignees. "[" will show you project labels. "!" will show you milestones. "?" will show you task types."$" will show you states like open, closed, review or frozen.