Using the Filters / Project filters

You can filter tasks/cards displayed on your board by ID, name, milestone, label, assignee, Sprint, status, and task type. 

Using the filters

Pro Tip: Press 'Q' to quickly filter tasks assigned to you. 

To access the filters open the sidebar from the bottom left and click on the filter icon. 


In the input from above, you can search for any task by name or task ID.


You can filter tasks/cards displayed on your board by label, milestone, assignee, Sprint, status, task type, story points, and deadlines. 

Matching Types

There are three types of matching types which you can select from the bottom of the list:

  • Matches all filters - only tasks that match all filters will appear
  • Matches any of each type - we'll give an example for this one: A task has two assignees John and Clara and labels Critical. If you filter only by John or Clara the task will not appear. If you filter by John or Clara and label Critical the task will appear.
  • If a task has any of the filters it will appear

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