List actions / Automation

In some situation, you may want an action to happen automatically when a task is moved to a specific list. This is where list actions come in handy.

Use cases

1. You may want to split your project into different projects but connect them. In this case, you can create a list "Move to project B" and another one "Move to project C" and add the appropriate move to action to each one. This way when you drop a card in there it will automatically move to the specified project. 

2. You may want when a card is moved to a list someone to be assigned to that card (or unassigned)

3. You can create a list of review tasks in a non-pipeline project simply by making all cards moved in this list to be changed to "in review". 

4. You can create an "in progress" list and you can make it so tasks dropped in this list automatically start time tracking. Don't forget to add a stop timer action on the next and previous list. 

5. You can set or remove a due date. 

6. You can add or remove labels. 

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