Custom visibility / Task and comment privacy

In some cases like working with clients or maintaining a public project, you might want to hide lists/ tasks/ timers or comments from observers or public members. This is where Task and comment privacy comes in! 

1. From Projects or inside a project open Project Settings > Add ON's

2. Scroll down to "Task, time and comment privacy" and turn it ON. Additionally, you can choose to hide time tracking and estimated data as well.

From now on, you will have a few additional options in your project. You will be able to change task privacy, comment privacy and even list privacy from list settings.

List, Task, Tracked Time and Comments privacy 

1. List privacy: Go to 'List options" and select  "Edit List' and choose the visibility you need your list

2. Task privacy: Open the task, and click on the visibility icon

Then select the option you need for this specific task

3. Tracked Time privacy: Go to Project Settings > Preferences and enable or disable the 'Allow observers/public members see tracked time' option

4. Task Comment privacy: Open the task, scroll down to the comment area and click on the 'eye' icon enabling it or disabling it

You can also hide the previous comments on the task and make them visible only to the team from now on

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