Observers / Guest accounts / Adding your clients to a project

At some point, you may want to invite a guest to your project. A client or a stakeholder who will not actively participate in the project but can observe it, vote and comment on your tasks. We call this user Observer and in a paid organization you can add those for free. Ora Startup plan has a limit of 10 observers. Ora Professional does not have a limit at all. This is a  ⭐️ Pro Feature 

How to add an Observer to your project

1. From Projects or inside a project open Project Settings > Members

2. Click on 'Add observer' and type name, username or email address of the person you wish to invite. In case you type an email and the person is not an Ora user yet, we will send him/her an invite.

Here, from 'Members' you can make this user a regular team member or you can remove him/her from the project as well.

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