Task Relationships / Blocking / Blocked / Epics / Subtasks

Tasks in your project can be related to one another. To help you show those connections we created 6 different relations which can be separated into 3 groups:

- Blocked & Blocking 

- Parent & Child (For epics and subtasks)

- Related & Duplicate

To create a new relationship open a task and click on Add Task Relationship icon.

A modal will show that will allow you to choose the relation type and to search for the desired task.

One relation affects two tasks. So if you mark a task as blocked by another task. The other task will be marked as blocking the first one. 

Once you create some relationships they will be listed right after the task description in the task modal. This is also where you can break relationships by clicking the Unlink icon

Blocking tasks

Let say you have to do something but it's blocked by something else. Ora allows you to mark those tasks easily and it leaves visual cues for such tasks and notifies the user which has the blocking task so that he could take measures ASAP

Everyone can spot a blocked task or blocking task easily in your project.

And of course, if blocking task is marked as complete the blocked task is unblocked and the assignee will receive a notification.

Epics and subtasks

Parent-child relationship

All tasks can have a subtask in Ora but it is especially easy if you set the task type as epic. Once you do so a "create a subtask..." button will appear. Also since epics are special tasks you will be able to choose the color for that epic.

To enable the "Create a subtask..." button to other tasks you need to link at least 1 subtasks first.

Once you do so you will be able to add as many subtasks as you want.

Pay attention that subtasks are normal tasks and will be visible as such in your project they are just a normal task that is linked to a parent. If you don't want to have subtasks visible within your other projects create checklists instead. Ora allows you to create multiple checklists with checklist items for each task.

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