Watchers: Desktop and Email Notifications

In Ora, you can watch a task and receive notifications for all kinds of changes inside it. You can also enable/disable the email notifications you get when there are changes in the task. Keep in mind than whenever you are assigned to a task, you are watching the task by default. In addition, there is also an option to watch a created task in Notifications Settings

Watching/ Unwatching

To watch/unwatch a task, simply click the "eye" icon inside the task and select your user name

Enabling/Disabling/ Customizing email notifications preferences

The email notifications are by default set to "When Away", meaning you only receive emails when Ora is not opened in a browser tab or you are not running the app. You can change or disable this option in the system when needed.

1. Open the profile menu by clicking on the avatar in the bottom left corner and choose Account Settings

Then select Notifications option

To watch all tasks you create enable the "Watch created tasks"

Enable/Disable email notifications and customize them to suit your needs.

Watchers 2.0

We created 4 new options to make sure the right people receive the right notifications.

Watchers List  

The watchers' list allows you to choose who exactly will be watching the card and receiving updates. By "watcher" we mean the person who receives notifications about task updates. Now it is possible to add other people as watchers beside yourself. This is very helpful if you want to make sure that someone receives an update. 

Watch an entire list

Sometimes what you really want is to watch an entire list not just single tasks. Let say you are the person responsible for the“QA” list for example. Or maybe notify your client of tasks that are done?  So what you really need is to receive a notification each time a card is moved or created in a specific list. Now you can watch lists or make other people watch them as well and get those notifications. 

The “I am Watching That” Icon

All these watching options make it even harder to know which tasks/lists are you watching. We added a small“Eye” icon on those to help out with that. 

Automatically watch tasks in which you comment / are mentioned

Wouldn’t it be great if you don’t have to click anything and just watch all the right tasks? We added 2 new options in your Account Settings and now there are a total of three auto watching options. You can turn them off of course. The two new options are: 

  • Watch when mentioned
  • Watch on commenting

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