Creating tasks and comments in Ora from email

Tasks and comments in Ora can now be emailed. This will save you significant time and will make these processes painless. Enjoy!

Creating a task from email

Your project will have a special email address, as well as each list and task will have their own and unique email address. If you want to create a task in a certain project or list, directly from your email inbox, all you need is to copy the unique email address from the project or list you want the task/card to go to, and paste it in the email To/For section.

The Subject of the email becomes the title of the task, the body becomes the description and all attachments will be attached to the card.

You can assign the task using this syntax =>  @username

 By replying to an email you will be writing a comment on the task in Ora.  

To summarise, now you can:
  • Email a task to a specific project
  • Email a task to a specific list
  • Add a comment by replying to a notification or by using the specific task address
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