Add On's

For each project that you create in Ora you can choose the Add On's you want to see functioning for the project

All the Add On's

To see all the Add ON's and set the ones you need, go to your Project Settings and select Add On's

List View

If you need a simple todo list, shopping list or maybe you need this project to be an issue or bug tracking system. 
Kanban Board
A Kanban board is a collection of lists, each list with cards that you can move across the board. 
Pipeline Workflow
Pipeline workflow decides the state of the task based on the list it’s in. With this feature enabled you will be able to set states frozen, open, review, closed to any list. Disable it if you want to have a simple project with open and closed tasks in the same list.
Sprints are agile iterations following the Scrum Methodology. Tasks in the Sprint are in a different view so that your team can focus and minimize distractions during the sprint.
Story points and Business Value estimation
Estimate work that needs to be done and/or business value as Fibonacci sequence (1,2,3,5,8,13...) so that you can prioritize work better. Actively tracking both will enable all kinds of useful reports.
Project Views
A view is a collection of lists. You are able to have multiple such collections in one single project. A good example of a view is a backlog which is separate from the other lists in your project.
Checkboxes on Cards
Turn it on if you want to have a visible checkbox on each card / list item. Useful for checking tasks but unneeded if your cards do not represent tasks.
Visible Task IDs
All tasks have IDs but for some projects, you might need this ID to be visible so you can reference it. You can also use this ID to close issues with commits if you have integrated GIT with Ora via GitHub or Bitbucket.
Versions or the phases of a project. Milestones are a great way to track whether a project is on schedule. Create different milestones, set due date and assign tasks to them.
Task Types
Create some task types or choose from the ones we made. Some projects require task types. Task types are different from labels and you should know you can rely entirely on labels and not all projects need task types.
Task Relationships (Pro Feature)
Task relationships allow you to create associations between tasks in your project.
Time Tracking
Track time on tasks. See how much time each task takes so you can make better estimations for similar tasks in the future. In organizations working on multiple projects see how much time you are spending on each project. Bill your clients if you are charging by the hour.
Task, time and comment privacy
With this feature on, you will be able to set different visibility to every task, list or comment. Perfect for public projects and ones with observer members where you wish to keep certain things or conversations visible only to your team!
Team Chat (Coming soon)
Why should your team use 10 different services to collaborate when you can do all of that inside Ora. Activate the team chat, create tasks directly from the chat and answer to task comments and mentions directly in the chat.
Project Timeline  (Coming soon)
Share your project status with your clients or make it public so all of your users can see where your project is heading. The project timeline could also be embedded in your website so you have a perfect automatic update log for your users.
Invoicing  (Coming soon)
Create invoices for your clients easily. If you are tracking time then the option for billable time will be available. You can then create new invoices and send them as PDFs to your clients.
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