Custom project templates

In Ora, you can create a template from any project you want, save it and use it later as many times as you wish. The template will have the views, lists, and project settings of the original project, and you can choose if you want to include the tasks while creating a project from the template. 

Creating a project template

To create a project template you just have to click on the 3 dots in the top of the page inside your project and select the 'Save as a Template' option from the dropdown menu

The template will be now visible in the 'Templates' section in the Account Settings of your organization. From here you can delete or edit the template.

The template will be also visible in the 'Choose from template' menu when creating a new project, under your organization name. To use the template for the new project you need to select the template.

Then you can choose if you want to include the tasks from the template, and create the project!

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