Understanding Frozen, Open, Review, Closed states and lists.

Frozen, Open, Review and Closed are task or list states. In Ora, you can choose for each project between two workflows:

1. Pipeline Workflow ON - lists have states and task state depends on their parent list. Move them to another list and their state will change. This is the default workflow for most templates and it's very useful because it will change the state for you when you drag/move cards.

2. Open/Closed/Review tasks in the same list - (Pipeline Workflow OFF) in case you want mixed lists and your project doesn't follow a pipeline workflow you can disable it and have states of each individual task. 

ProTip: You can use list actions to change task states as well if Pipeline Workflow is disabled.

Why care about a state? 

1. You can approve and reject review tasks

2. Frozen, Review, Completed tasks don't show in "My Tasks"

3. States are used to unblock blocked tasks - see tasks relationships

4. States are used for reports and statistics

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